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Chuck Brust
April 18th: Plant Auction!

Our April 18th meeting will be our annual plant auction. Chuck Brust, an SLWGS member, St. Louis Master Gardener and active horticultural volunteer, will tell us about the plants being auctioned. When you bring your extra plants from Spring pruning, please be sure to pack them so they won't leak in the meeting room, bring along something leak-proof for transporting your purchases, and come early so we can log in your
plant donations.

April 29th: Jewel Box Work Day

April 29th will be the first 2017 work day at the Jewel Box. We'll be trimming and moving the hardy lilies from the mud pond to the three display ponds and will need some strong backs to help lift and move them. The payoff is that you can take home left-over cuttings. Come to the Jewel Box at 9 am with waders (if you have them), shovels, cutters, etc.

Pond-O-Rama Sign
Still Missing Pond-O-Rama Signs!

If you have a host sign at home please notify Robert Henson at
(314) 495-4233 or hattv92@aol.com. If you are going to be on the tour this year you may hang on to your sign, but we still need to know where they are and who has them.

Ginny Mueller and Bob Henson
Update on
Pond-O-Rama 2017

This year's SLWGS Pond-O-Rama is fast approaching and we are all excited to see all the wonderful water features on tour this year. Our many ticket seller locations currently have the Pond-O-Rama poster on display at their many garden centers and retail locations along with the Pond-O-Rama brochure and are getting the word out about our tour. The ticket booklet design, proof reading of host pond descriptions, location maps and ads from our advertisers are in their final proofing, about to go to press.

As a member or friend of the St. Louis Water Gardening Society, you can actively participate in making this event more successful. Consider distributing brochures or posters to your friends and businesses. Each distributed brochure is a potential ticket sold for POR 2017! The ticket booklets should be ready for distribution in early May. This year's Pond-O-Rama tour includes of 39 sites, which include several new ponds and water gardens and a few renovated from past years.

Mark your calendar for June 24-25 from 9 AM to 5 PM and plan for a great weekend of
garden viewing.