Cherry Blossom Tour
June 1, 2008
The weather was perfect! Pam outdid herself once again, planning an Asian theme for the spring tour.

Dan and Teri Barbatti were first. A walk along the far side of the yard leading to the pond was lined with gardens, including Dan's bonsai trees, a wonderful dragon, and a Buddha by a striking yin and yang. People gathered near the pond, though a nearby deck provided a pleasant seating area. The stragglers got to see Teri's beautiful orchid plant!
Teri and Dan Barbatti
Their pond
One of several bonsai trees
Isn't this a delightful dragon?
Everyone enjoying their pond
"Here lies a faithful friend and companion"
Barbatti's Buddha reflecting by the yin and yang.
Teri's beautiful orchid plant

Jim Haegele, assisted by his friend, Sarah, hosted the second stop on the tour. His pleasant bamboo grove invited lingering. The gardens contained lanterns, Oriental characters, a Buddha and a beautiful gong.
Sarah, and Jim Haegele
Part of Jim's pond and deck. The rest is hiding on the other side of the deck.
Is this a gong? It's striking either way!
What do you think this says?
A lovely water lily
A graceful lantern and garden corner
Wayne, Scott, and Georgene on the path through the bamboo

Jim and Mary Pat Glauber provided a beautiful last stop. Colorful mats decorated with bamboo and butterflies led us to the back of the house, giving the full view of their water feature before descending the steps to the ground. The tea house was delightful. We were sorry to miss Mary Pat, but their sons certainly helped ably.

One of the colorful mats leading us to the back
Jim Glauber
The pond and lovely tea house
The pagoda, waterfall, stream, and stone bridge
The lantern and right side of the pond
Jim, Terry, and Tom
Their Chameleon plant
The 'balcony' viewers

The tour ended at King Doh's, a nearby oriental restaurant, for an appropriate finishing touch. What delightful hosts and hostesses! We certainly appreciate their sharing their beautiful places with us.