June 5, 2011
First SLWGS Koi Auction

Shorts, sandals and sunglasses were de rigueur for our first koi auction. Temperatures soared into the upper 90s and the bidding for some choice imported koi was nearly as hot. The gin rin (two-step) Kohaku below was the top seller, bringing $150. Also offered for sale were about a dozen domestically-bred fish donated by SLWGS members. Altogether, the auction sales topped $2,500.

Rick Jokerst and Pat Tosie had traveled to Minnesota to select fish for the auction from Koi Acres, a highly reputable importer. They were from two of Japan's top breeders--Isa and Marudo.

The auction was planned and organized by Rick and Pam Jokerst, Pat Tosie and Steve Metzler, our Associated Koi Clubs of America representative. Metzler and his wife, Terry, hosted the event at their home. It was well organized and went smoothly--a great event!

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Tents provided shade for those watching the proceedings

Some preferred to watch from the grassy area
or a bench in the beautiful yard
A fun shirt!
Gilbert taught us a lot, pointing out
the unique qualities of each koi

This gin rin (two-step) Kohaku was the top seller
using this chart to help explain koi types and parentage
As Gilbert explained interesting aspects of the koi, some came for a closer look
Pat kept things moving with touches of humor
As fish were sold, they were moved to a second small tub
Steve and Terry's koi were oblivious to their relatives nearby
All in all, it was a great event!