Record numbers bought tickets and despite temperatures over 100 degrees on Saturday, visited many of the 41 ponds and gardens on the two-day tour. Sunday weather was beautiful. St. Louisans are discovering this is a great tour! One visitor declared that this was her most favorite St. Louis tour. Hosts and visitors alike mentioned how friendly everyone was.

Thanks to our contributing photographers: Alice Gibson, Dave Schiele, Gail Abernathy and Joan Woelfel. Note: Photos are arranged alphabetically by host except for the three vertical photos which are at the bottom.
Connie Asher
Asher bubbler

David and Brooke Atkinson
Atkinson Oriental lion
Howard and Barbara Berner
Mary and George Biderman
Biderman hairy frog
Ron and Carol Bridick (Schiele)
Margie Burstein (Abernathy)
Burstein mirrored ball
David and Nancy Carney
Dave and Marigold Colvin
Barclay and Kelly Compton
Barclay and Kelly Compton
Joy Cooper-Presson
Cooper-Presson koi
Jim and Cindy Coyle
Jeff and Kathy Deckelbaum
Deckelbaum lilies
Bruce and Betsy Feldmann
Michael Garvey (Schiele)
Garvey indoors Salt Water Reef
Rebecca and Bill Harrison
Christopher and Alaine Hinshaw
Hinshaw yard art
Frank and Margie Huffman (Schiele)
Huffman lake
Richard and Jackie Huskey
Thomas Jackson (Gibson)
Rodney and Regi Jarboe's stream
Jarboe head
Rick and Pam Jokerst (Schiele)
Jokerst koi pond
Mark Keeven (Gibson)
Keeven stream (Gibson)
Thomas and Leah Kick
Steve and Rose Laws (Gibson)
Laws turtle
Michael and Consuelo Madere
Madere front waterfall
Beverlee and Dan Maschek
Steve and Terry Metzler
Poppie Pennington (Gibson)
Pennington dancer
Steve Robbins
Kathy and Art Ruebel
John and Molly Rundquist
Todd and Chris Rundquist
Andy and Christine Schimpf
David Schiele
Chris and Debbie Shoemaker
Chris and Tara Siewing
Robert and Elinor Slosburg
Chip and Christina Soulé
Les and Phyllis Voudrie, Jr (Gibson)
Ed and Ruth Will

Karen Zimmerman and Jerry Lippold
Colvin's frog (Gibson)
Jackson fountains (Gibson)
Zimmerman-Lippold dogs cool off (Gibson)