Our tenth Anniversary Pond-O-Rama tour had 54 special ponds and gardens, half of them for the first time! Included below alphabetically are photos of each hosts' water feature, as well as a second item of interest. Due to the shapes of the photos, one or both of those for Asher, Bell, Colvin, Compton, Harrison, Jurkowski, Maschek, Mork, Mussulman, Watkins, Wright and Zimmerman are at the end.

Thanks to photographers Gail Abernathy (ga), Alice Gibson (ag), Terry Metzler (tm), Howard Nies (hrn), Dave Schiele (ds) and Joan Woelfel (jcw) for sharing their pictures.
Frank and Sherry Arviso (tm)
Arviso's fisherman (ga)
Connie Asher (tm)
Joshua Bauer (jcw)
Bauer's handmade tree trunk bench (jcw)
Cindy Bell's flowering plant (jcw)
Bellefontaine Cemetery falls (ga)
Bird nest in a Bellefontaine Cemetery crabapple (jcw)
David and Nancy Carney (hrn)
Carney's Frog (hrn)
Dave and Marigold Colvin (ds)
Compton's view from the top (ag)
Joy Cooper-Presson (ga)
Joy's frog (jcw)
Mark and Karen Erickson (jcw)
Erickson's Rudbeckia and lilies (jcw)
Bruce and Betsy Feldmann (ag)
Feldmann's colorful lizard (jcw)
David and Melissa Fischer (jcw)
Fischer's view from waterfall (jcw)
Alan and Susan Flom (tm)
One of Flom's palms (jcw)
Carol and Ron Greminger (hrn)
Greminger's koi (jcw)
One of Harrison's interesting birds (jcw)
Keith and Carolyn Haus (jcw)
Haus' joyful frog (jcw)
Christopher and Alaine Hinshaw (jcw)
A head at Hinshaw's (jcw)
Jean Hudson (ag)
Hudson provides for birds, and people too! (jcw)
Rick and Pam Jokerst (jcw)
Toddler enjoys koi at Jokerst's newest addition (jcw)
A 'red cap' goldfish at Jurkowski's (jcw)
Mark and Diane Keeven (jcw)
A lovely lotus and bud at Keeven's (jcw)
The Langford Family (hrn)
Langford's happy Buddha (tm)
Pam and Rick Loeffler (ga)
Loeffler's koi (ga)
Tony and Marlene Long (ga)
Long children have special seating (jcw)
Maschek's stallion (jcw)
Diane and Tom McCarthy (jcw)
McCarthy's bridge (jcw)
Patricia McKelvey (hrn)
McKelvey's lily, with bubbles (tm)
Steve and Terry Metzler (tm)
Watering can of flowers from Metzler's yard (jcw)
Ray and Virginia Mueller (ag)
Mueller's bowl of succulents (ag)
Lilies all over Poos' yard(jcw)
Poos' bird house collection (tm)
Gino Redmon (ag)
Redmon's firepit (ag)
Paul and Ann Reed (jcw)
Reed's La Petite Grange bird house (jcw)
Carl and Natalie Reynolds (ag)
Butterfly on Reynold's Butterfly weed (tm)
Kim and Bryan Riba (ag)
Riba's 10th Anniversary plaque (ag)
Todd and Chris Rundquist (ag)
One of Rundquist's falls (hn)
David Schiele (jcw)
Schiele puts his frog to work (ds)
Schiele's koi (ds)
Andy and Christine Schimpf (hn)
Schimpf's stream near the new slide (hrn)
Mary Beth Schmidt (hrn)
Mary Beth's reflecting pond (ag)
Rob Schmidt (hrn)
Rob's hilltop view (jcw)
Antone 'Buddy' and Karen Sebastiao (ag)
Sebastiao's front step (jcw)
David and Sana Shucart (ag)
Shucart's disappearing stream (jcw)
Werner and Jeren Siegrist (jcw)
One of Siegrist's wonderful hanging baskets (jcw)
Siegrist's grapes (jcw)
Chris and Tara Siewing (jcw)
Siewing's Hydrangas and stream (jcw)
Chip and Christina Soule (ag)
Soule's inside water feature (ag)
Bob and Elaine Temper (hrn)
Temper's pond and train layout (jcw)
Kevin and Jody Token (jcw)
A lovely Hibiscus bloom at Token's (jcw)
Village Royale Apartments (ds)
Flowery welcome to the Village Royale office (jcw)
Carol and Kirk Watkins (jcw)
John and Audrey Wattler (ga)
Wattler's wall of plants (jcw)
Floyd and Susan Wright (ag)
Wright's wonderful rooster (jcw)
Tod and Sherry Yazdi (ga)
Some neighbor dogs visited the Yazdi's for POR (jcw)
Continued below . . .
Zimmerman-Lippold dogs enjoy the stream (ag)
Asher's stream and gazebo (tm)
Cindy Bell (ga)
Colvin's colorful water lilies (tm)
Barclay and Kelly Compton (ag)
Rebecca and Bill Harrison (jcw)
Ken Jurkowski (ag)
Dan and Beverlee Maschek (ds)
Mork's prairie dogs (jcw)
Jim and Donna Mussulman (ag)
Mussulman's Monk (ag)
Watkins' 2010 hairdo (ag)
Wrights framed the 10th anniversary
POR poster (ag)
Karen Zimmerman and Jerry Lippold (ag)