While the weather was warm for our 12th annual Pond-O-Rama pond and garden tour, we missed the triple-digit heat wave by just days, and there was no rain. The abundance of publicity (thanks, Ginny!) and record number of tickets sold for the tour resulted in enthusiastic crowds all over the metro area.

Included alphabetically below are two photos of each stop. Due to the shapes of the photos, the second picture for the Mussulmans and Ribas are at the end. Thanks to photographers Alice Gibson, Gail Abernathy, Dave Schiele and Irv Schallenberg for sharing their pictures.

Mark Anderson-Cathy Hobbs Mark Anderson-Cathy Hobbs
Caleb Bauer Caleb Bauer
Belleville Memorial Hospital Belleville Memorial Hospital
Kathy & Mike Bockserman Kathy & Mike Bockserman
Bob & Beni Bowman Chuck Brust
Chuck Brust Aaron & Shima Callies
Chalily Pond & Gardens Chalily Pond & Gardens
Barclay & Kelly Compton Barclay & Kelly Compton
Cooper-Presson Cooper-Presson
Daughhetee-Adams Daughhetee-Adams
Cathy & Dennis Frey Cathy & Dennis Frey
Ron & Carol Greminger Ron & Carol Greminger
Rebecca & Bill Harrison Rebecca & Bill Harrison
Robert Henson Robert Henson
Jim & Anne Herzog Keith & Carolyn Haus
Jerry & Bess Langsdorf Jim & Anne Herzog
Jerry & Bess Langsdorf Bob & Sherryl Huneke.
Jeanne Lehr Jeanne Lehr
Chuck & Karen Lenz Outdoor Living
Don & Connie Moellenhoff Don & Connie Moellenhoff
Virginia Mueller Virginia Mueller
Outdoor Living. Jim & Donna Mussulman
Chuck & Cathy Phillips Chuck & Cathy Phillips
David & Joan Poos David & Joan Poos
Powder Valley Powder Valley
Steve & Cindy Ray Steve & Cindy Ray
Gino Redmon Gino Redmon
Lee & Kathy Reid Lee & Kathy Reid
Kim & Bryan Riba David & Stacy Rolfe
David & Stacy Rolfe Rosen - Stringer
Rosen - Stringer Dennis & Sally Rugen
Dennis & Sally Rugen Todd & Chris Rundquist
Todd & Chris Rundquist Chris & Tara Siewing
Chris & Tara Siewing Chip & Christina Soule
Chip & Christina Soule Joe &Tonya Summers
Joe &Tonya Summers Carol & Kirk Watkins
Carol & Kirk Watkins Sandy Wheeldon

Sandy Wheeldon
  Don & Connie Moellenhoff

Don & Connie Moellenhoff
Kim & Bryan Riba  

Bob & Sherryl Huneke
  Jim & Donna Mussulman