September 7, 2008 Tower Grove Park Tour
About twenty-five people came to tour the lily ponds at Tower Grove Park Sunday. Another great 'Pam event'! She started us off with a variety of drinks; Ben Nowak and Steve Hogenmiller gave us plant maps; and they were soon explaining the changes to the pond, telling about what is planted where and pointing out some wildlife. Thanks to Bob Temper for the first two photos, and that of the mallard, and especially the final photo of the green heron!
Ben Nowak explained what we'd see
Almost the whole group
View from the Piper Palm House
The Longwood Victorias
Jim and Kay brought the girls
Steve Hogenmiller explains
What a variety of plants!
Lilies and Pickerel
Marginal groupings
Female Mallard seems to say 'Git'
Wood ducks--the bane of water lilies
The girls
A different view
Deep in discussion
Blue Pickerel
Wonder what they're looking at!
Bob's Green Heron photo!