Jewel Box Volunteers

Maintaining the Lily Pools
Saturday mornings at 9 a.m., volunteers remove dead flowers and yellowed or torn leaves to keep the lily pools in front of the Jewel Box in Forest Park looking their very best. Brides often use them as a lovely backdrop for their photos. The work provides an opportunity for new members to get hands-on experience and great comraderie for everyone. We also fertilize the lilies, dye the water, share the numerous viviparous babies--and see which varieties we'd like in our own ponds!

Maintaining the center pool
Linda helps in the center pond
Jim collects spent leaves
Gail collects hers in a bucket
Alice dumps her overflowing bucket
Rick saves a viviparous baby lily
'Farmer Wayne' on a dumpster run
We're fertilizing lilies and dying the water black today
Paul and Kay spread the black dye
Saidie always keeps her eye on Kay and Paul
Alice and Kermit talk with Paul
Linda gets one of the lilies that's curling under water
Denise collects some viviparous babies for Linda
The St Francis pool on the east side
Howard tackles the prickly Gorgon
Underside of the prickly Gorgon leaf
Kermit contemplates the St Francis pool lilies
Damselfly (I think) on the highest point
Visitors often ask about our work. Here Kermit and Rick answer questions
Steve stops for a photo
Paul's usually working in the St Francis pond